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Pack And Ship Odd-Shaped, Oversized Items

Updated: May 20, 2021

We've put together a list of techniques to incorporate, so that the carrier can handle your package better.

Use an external shipping box for secondary packaging

When shipping oddly shaped items, you might be tempted to use an extra-large box for external packaging that leaves a lot of additional space around the items. This could actually backfire, leaving the wrap to move during transit, but also leaving you with more shipping and handling costs. Ideally, your box should have two inches of extra space on all sides.

Use pallets for heavy, large items

If your product is too heavy or too large then your item will need to be packaged securely onto a pallet. Pallets are platforms made of wood or plastic that are used to combine items for shipping into one packaged container. This facilitates easier transportation. They are deliberately packaged tightly with shrink wrap to avoid being damaged during transportation.

Arrange boxes and cartons by size to maximise space

  • Make sure the pallet is large enough to prevent overhang of shipment pieces.

  • Make sure to leave no air space between boxes

  • Pad the outside corners and edges with cardboard

  • Shrink wrap the pallet as tight as possible

Get in touch!

If you're still not sure how to prepare your package, why not Contact Us? We'd love to hear from you and we're always happy to help!

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