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Oversized Freight

We think outside of the delivery box.

What is oversized freight?

When a freight load exceeds defined limitations, it is referred to as oversize freight, oversize load, or heavy haul. Shipping oversize freight requires specialised logistics since special equipment and careful pre-planning are needed because oversize freight exceeds design clearances.

Oversized freight is not compatible with your average sortation belt, which is used by most courier companies as a standardised procedure, hence why few companies can successfully deliver oversized freight. 


iCumulus Global Express is able to move bulk and oversized freight because we use the traditional method of manual sorting (Dynamic Sorting for those into the industry jargon!) and team this up with modern technology. 

So, how can iCumulus help?

We like to consider ourselves as the experts of delivering oversized freight, so if you have oversize freight or packages, contact us for an initial consultation.

Business we manage oversized freight for

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