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Fuel Surcharges

Transparency all the way  


Fuel charges are just a regular part of logistics and due to on-going fuel price fluctuations, iCumulus Global Express (IGX) applies a fuel surcharge to all shipments. This approach provides our customers with a transparent charging mechanism reflecting changes in fuel related costs.

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Domestic Fuel Surcharge

The domestic fuel surcharge is a charge applied by iCumulus Global Express which reflects changes in a range of fuel related cost factors. These factors include movements in the price of diesel supplied to IGX, the estimated fuel related costs of IGX’s transport suppliers and the jet fuel related charges of IGX’s airline haul suppliers.

iCumulus Global Express Australia - Domestic Fuel Surcharge Rate

Effective as of Monday, 1st August 2022: Road Express Surcharge is 36.2% 

International Fuel Surcharge

Effective as of the 3rd June 2019, iCumulus Global Express’s International Fuel Surcharge will be adjusted on a weekly basis rather than monthly according to the published range table found below. The indices used will continue to be the spot price for US Gulf Coast (USGC) kerosene type jet fuel but using the weekly index as opposed to the monthly index.  


There will be a two-week lag in the application of the fuel surcharge index.  For example, the surcharge for the 3rd June 2019, will be based on the average spot price reported for the 24th May 2019. Changes to the fuel surcharge are effective each Monday. Information on the fuel surcharge for each week will be available online usually from the Friday before the surcharge is applicable.  


Effective as of Monday ,28th February 2021:23.9%  

Frequently Asked Questions
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