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Chain of Responsibility

We take heavy vehicle safety, seriously.  
What is the Chain of Responsibility?

The aim of chain of responsibility (COR) is to make sure everyone in the supply chain shares equal responsibility for ensuring breaches of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) do not occur.


At iCumulus Global Express, we believe that no task is too important that it cannot be done safely. Chain of Responsibility is a fundamental part of looking after the safety of our workers, customers, subcontractors, suppliers and other road users.


Chain of Responsibility compliance is also one of the ways iCumulus Global Express seeks to differentiate itself from its competitors, and seeks to partner with supply chain parties who are fully committed to fulfilling their chain of responsibility obligations

COR Diagram-01.png

Load Management

How we are preparing the load is critical. Before our drivers take off, our team ensures that all trucks are loaded in a way that does not make the vehicle unsafe, things such as:

  • Secure the load so it is unlikely to fall or be dislodged

  • Restrain the load using an appropriate restraint method

  • We do no exceed the vehicles mass load

  • Place, secure or restrain the load in a way that meets the loading performance standards

Risk Management

We always work in way which mitigates any damage to our people, the community and the freight. Things such as only allowing essential people in the warehouse, limiting the number of people in the warehouse at any given time as well as informing and educating anyone who enters our warehouse, the standard protocols.

When it comes to freight, we ensure that every package that leaves the warehouse is sealed correctly and avoids hurting the driver, loader/unloader, and the community.

Operational Infrastructure

We take the measures we implement very seriously.

Some of those implementations include:

  • Educating and informing our team, drivers, subcontractors, and anyone that comes into contact with iCumulus Global Express.

  • Only allocate the appropriate vehicle for the appropriate freight volume and size

  • All subcontractors are compliant

  • Ensure freight from our clients is packed correctly, stacked correctly, and inform our client when it starts to become dangerous for our staff to unload

Subcontractor Management

We only align with subcontractors that share the same values and safety processes as iCumulus Global Express. Just like the iCumulus team, we also want all our subcontractors to follow the Chain of Responsibility.

We also make sure that all Subcontractors are fully compliant, fully insured and fully trained - no exceptions. 

Driver Health

We only use contractors that are governed by OHS and therefor strictly monitor the drivers health and safety. The health and safety of the driver, as well as protecting those on the road, is a priority.

The Chain of Responsibility, is everyones responsibility.

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